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About Us

Until recently, botanical art received little to no attention, just like a hedge that needs a good trimmer. This predicament made it hard for the artists and professional designers to engage in the art full time. After all, nobody feels good when their efforts go unnoticed, right?

Fueled by the lack of common ground for stakeholders, the professional ride on mowers and seasonal artists practised live flower art for themselves and a few lucky clients; the rest remained in the dark. Though it is possible to DIY a flower arrangement project, there is still a lot to learn regarding maintenance, equipment, and sourcing.

But what if there is a way out? A social gathering where you can meet experienced artists in botanical art. Here, you can populate ideas and access all the latest gadgets and trends in the market.

The North American Botanical Expo and garden show is one of those places where you can get inspiration and exposure to people interested in botanic art. And as the name suggests, the show started in Melbourne and grew into an international event within no time. Ideally, it filled a huge gap in the market by connecting service providers and the clients – a thing that brought great relief to both sides.

So, what should you do now? The answer is simple, make some time to visit one of the best botanical art shows ever created to start making significant moves. If you are an artist trying to showcase your pieces, this show is a great place to get your feet wet. Alternatively, if you are a client looking to transform your space (indoor or outdoor), the show provides inspiration and contacts that could save you a lot of trouble.

Live flower art takes centre stage on this shows, but there are other exciting things to see and learn. So at the end of every show, you get a boost in the right direction.